Cassette Tape Love Songs

by Ryley Alred

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Thank you guys for checking out my new album. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you to those who share my music with your friends, it really means a lot to me.
Special thanks to Nicole, Nick, and Trinity for inspiring this whole album and for your support. I love you guys!


released October 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Ryley Alred Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Based in Oklahoma City.
Sad, poppy music.

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Track Name: The Safest Place
I want to dip my skin into the pool.
Because my face is getting warm again.

In your arms, is where I want to be,
It's where I'm safe, where I'm ok.

Where I'm ok.
Track Name: Stress Dreams
I don't want to be alone,
Wake up in the morning with me.
Wake up in the morning.

And in the morning I see
The sun rising over me.
Look up at the sky,
Watch the clouds drifting by.

Every morning I wake up
Wishing you were by my side.
If I could help it,
You'd be with me every night.

I haven't been sleeping soundly.
Stress dreams haunting me.
Being lonely.
Being too crowded.
Track Name: Soon
You kissed me,
And I felt free.
You left your sweater
In the back seat of my car.

And I kept it,
And I smelled it.

Your scent filled my lungs
And I forgot how to breathe.
Constantly digesting
The butterflies you give me.

You're gone and I miss you,
But I know that I'll see you soon.

I'll see you very soon.
Track Name: Happy Things
I'm much happier with a cigarette between my lips,
Or your hands on my hips,
Or my hands on your wrist,
Or your lips on my lips.

But life isn't as fair as this.

Take me back to being with you,
Just laughing us two.

Back to when things were simple,
When life wasn't miserable.

When life wasn't miserable,
When life wasn't miserable
I'd be happy just sharing some coffee with you.

The weather is changing,
It's getting colder and colder.
And I want to rest my head on your shoulder,
Again and again.
Hold me by my hand.
Take me to where you go when you are comfortable.
Track Name: Don't Look at Me
When I watch you sleep
I want to slip into your dreams
To see if you're dreaming of me.

When you turn to look at me,
I feel myself retreat.
When you say to me
You don't want to see me.
Track Name: Summer
You said come inside,
Hold on tight,
It's not your time to die son,
And it's raining outside.

I don't want to fight,
But every drag I take seems to pull me closer
Into the night.

My idleness was never my friend.
These idle hands threaten to put me to an end.

Play your records,
I'll lay on my back.
We can stare at the sky
And pretend it's the summer again.

Break all of my bones.
I would be blessed
For you to walk all over me again.

You can step on my toes,
You can break my back,
Because in the end I know you love me.